“Leverage the network”

Erik Moses ’96 offers advice to Duke Law students in ESQ keynote

Erik Moses

On Feb. 12 Erik Moses ’96 returned to Duke — virtually — as keynote speaker at ESQ, the annual networking symposium for 1Ls interested in corporate law. Moses, president of the Nashville Superspeedway, advised students to take advantage of everything Duke Law has to offer, and make networking a priority, especially for those entering the competitive sports and entertainment law field. 

“It occurred to me very early on that the people sitting in class with me are, in some ways, going to be running the society in 20 or 30 years,” Moses said of his time in law school. “Take full advantage of that and get to know the people in your class, especially people who are from different backgrounds and have different experiences than you do.

“Take full advantage of the faculty because they are some of the best in the country and the best in the business. And leverage the platform and the alumni. There’s no excuse not to be prepared, not to fully leverage the network of such a powerful institution. Donna Gregg [’74] became a mentor and that relationship changed my life.

“Duke has a very special place in my heart because it was very impactful for me and my professional career and journey would have been different had I not attended Duke Law School. Those three years were a fantastic opportunity to get to know myself and to further figure out how to fit in the world and how I wanted to fit in the world, especially professionally. I have benefited from many, many relationships there, so I’m grateful for having the opportunity to matriculate there.”

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